The supply and management of our products is as important as the product quality and back up support, ultimately it is all part of the service!

We have developed our repeata stock management solutions which allow you to keep your regularly used items in your warehouse at all times. Based on your historic ordering data, with your input we will suggest an initial stock holding. Once this has been agreed and supplied, we will then help you manage your stock and with your help, will be able to anticipate any business peaks that may require the supply of higher stock levels or indeed additional items. We will make it easy for you to get whatever you need.

What are the benefits to you?
Saving in management time – we will assist you in the management and control of your stock.
Regularly used standard product items are in stock whenever you need them.
We will provide regular stock management calls to make sure there are no unexpected shortages.
Only one delivery per month.
Saving in administrative time – Only 1 delivery note and 1 invoice per month

This service will benefit from our xcel free of charge delivery service.



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NewV fix

UV fountain solution additives are designed for use with UV curing offset ink systems.

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!NKREDIBLE technology printing ink for maximum reliability in the printing process: all-purpose without weaknesses in performance profile.

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The ACRYLAC-MGA GLOSS group includes products for single and double-sided coating, providing good gloss while remaining insensitive to rub.