About TCM


Total Colour Management is a unique system offered by the Huber Group to help large corporations maintain colour consistency in their brand and corporate colours.

TCM is utilised to help maintain a corporate or brand identity during a marketing or branding campaign. During the early stages of any such campaign, designers will generate innovative and clever designs with specific brand or corporate colours that help to define brand identity.

At the other end of the supply chain somebody has to transform the designer’s concept into an effective product - the design needs to be turned into a piece of print or packaging that will deliver the marketers’ message and enhances the brand.

Invariably these products are printed at various printers, using different methods and across diverse regions, countries or continents. Subsequently, producing consistency for a much valued brand is hugely challenging!

It is at this vital stage of printing and converting that Huber Group operates - not only do we develop and supply innovative ground breaking ink and coatings systems, but we help printers and converters to successfully apply them so that brand identity is conveyed effectively.

A lot of this expertise and knowledge has been incorporated into TCM to provide tools to ensure print consistency.


So What Exactly is TCM?


TCM is a service that the Huber Group offers to brands that require a higher level of consistency when it comes to the control and reproduction of their corporate colour palette.

The main aim is to achieve colour consistency across the various parts of printed media so that when the end products are manufactured they are uniform in colour.

TCM is based upon common sense principles - standardising targets, ink, substrate and coating. This gives a much greater chance of achieving consistent production results.

TCM is backed up with Spectrophotometry - the ultimate aim is to create a ‘Colour Supply Chain’ where all elements of the chain are working to the same shared data and each process is measured and recorded.

So How Does TCM Work?


The first stage of TCM is to collate all of the required matching information involved in a campaign (target, substrate, coating, etc.).

The client is then invited by TCM to approve and make any adjustments for the desired colour shade whilst it is mixed in the TCM lab. So the client gets to see the real life representation of their brand colour.

Once agreed upon, the colour blend is then generated and stored for the various substrates and coatings that will be involved in production.

All of this process is carried out in a controlled environment with calibrated Spectrophotometry and standardised viewing conditions.

Once the colours are approved TCM can produce:

  • Visual Colour Tolerances – agreed with the brand as a set of guidelines and tolerances for future reproduction
  • Visual Colour Standards for Printers – to assist printers in matching the colour targets
  • Spectral Data - this can be supplied to all parts of the workflow for greater shade consistency
  • A ‘Digital Palette’ for Designers – resulting in real spectral data can be used in design environments such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign and Quark XPress.
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NewV lac

These UV coatings for use on absorbent and non-absorbent substrates are available for various finishing intentions: from pearlescent or matt/gloss effects, to a plain and simple protective mission.

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!NKREDIBLE technology printing ink for excellent rub resistance. These stay-open printing inks are formulated on the basis of renewable raw materials.

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The ACRYLAC GLOSS group includes products for single and double-sided coating, providing good gloss while remaining insensitive to rub.