!-check has been designed to enhance the interaction between our companies, to enable transfer of

information to be easier and to ensure all aspects of our relationship are structured to achieve positive

results quickly. As a supplier of high quality inks and consumables it is essential we integrate closer with our

customers to ensure we are utilising all joint resources to maximise the opportunities for both our



The !-check platform allows true transparency and ensure's we deliver on our commitments and the true

value of working with hubergroup UK is clear to all management levels in your business.

We are absolutely committed to you and it is in our best interests to ensure you receive the best products

and service whilst improving your profitability through real, positive impact on your costs, efficiency and

quality across all areas of your business. This is our commitment

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NewV poly

This UV offset ink is designed for use on non-absorbent substrates, providing optimum adhesion.

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!NKREDIBLE technology stay-open printing inks for straight printing with fast physical drying properties for immediate work-and-turn and rapid postprint finishing.

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The ACRYLAC-MGA GLOSS group includes products for single and double-sided coating, providing good gloss while remaining insensitive to rub.