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Offset overprint varnishes


PRINTLAC overprint varnishes are available from high‑gloss to matt, showing pleasantly low‑yellowing at high versatility.

Spot or full area processing via regular printing unit is both possible, making overprint varnishes an extremely versatile finishing tool at low cost.

Your Benefits

Overprint varnishes can serve from plain protection to impressive finishing results. Make use of the full potential of your press and offer this low‑cost extra attractiveness to your customers today.

Special Properties

  • Improves rub resistance of print
  • Adds matt/gloss effect
  • Spot coating always in register
  • No need for special fastnesses of inks
  • Light-weight papers keep their dimensions
  • Little tendency to yellowing

Available Products

  • PRINTLAC High gloss
  • PRINTLAC Gloss
  • PRINTLAC Satin
  • PRINTLAC Special overprint
  • PRINTLAC Special lye-permeable

Special Information

Some versions of overprint varnishes have better performance either processed wet‑on‑wet, or wet‑on‑dry. Please refer to the technical information of the specific product to receive proper processing instructions.

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!NKREDIBLE technology stay-open printing inks for straight printing with fast physical drying properties for immediate work-and-turn and rapid postprint finishing.

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ALCHEMY is the complete collection from 871 to 877 – silver, gold or even copper shades with premium runability and printability characteristics.

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SALINOFIX is an additive for targeted adjustment of the total hardness, to make purified water ideally suited to the offset printing process.