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Special detergent for offset dampening circuits


SYSTEM CLEANER is a detergent for cleaning dampening circuits from residues of lint, printing ink and microbial contamination.

For protecting piping systems and heat exchangers from plugging, dampening unit cleaning is recommended as a scheduled maintenance procedure.

Special Properties

  • Addition: 5-7%
  • Effectively detaches depositions and residues
  • Emulsifies oily substances in cleaning solution
  • Reduces microbial load to natural, uncritical level
  • Has no negative impact on metals, plastics and rubbers in the circuit

Your Benefits

Undisturbed operation during the busy times of the year is best guaranteed when keeping up a proper maintenance plan for the press. Save trouble and money by making use of reliable maintenance products and proper application instructions.

Product Profile

A thorough cleaning of the dampening circuit is recommended twice a year in order to protect heat-exchangers. This product is suitable for all common dampening systems and requires approximately 4 hours to perform a proper cleaning cycle. During that time, the press can not produce. All handling advice should be strictly followed when working with any cleaning agent. See the technical information for further instructions.

Technical Informations

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!NKREDIBLE technology printing ink for maximum reliability in the printing process: all-purpose without weaknesses in performance profile.

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NewV set

This UV offset ink for use on absorbent substrates is designed to cover various different types of commercial products.