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A Higly Advanced Technology Becomes a Brand

!NKREDIBLE is describing the way of production of the inks, respectively their pigments. The chromatic inks from those sets contain pigments that are manufactured using a particular technology.

Chromatic pigments are forming as fairly small particles in a wet, water-based environment, by composition of certain chemicals. After they are precipitated, they need to be separated from water and remaining unprocessed components by filtering and - looking at the conventional pigment production - subsequent drying. 

During drying, the single pigment particles are loosing their distance due to the absence of the water, creating growingly large particles which have to be dispersed and crushed again, when grinding the dried pigment with the vehicle at high energy expense to make printing ink.

Drying pigment also requires a lot of energy. Following the !NKREDIBLE process, the drying step is skipped and special varnishes are mixed with the still wet, very fine particle pigment. The goal is to replace all water around the pigment by varnish and decant the water after it has separated on top of the new mixture.

Although this manufacturing technology also needs quite a bit of time, energy and experience, the benefits are omnibus:

  • energy is saved, lowering the carbon footprint of the ink
  • the pigment particles are homogenously fine
  • colours are vibrant and very intensive
  • pigments show excellent transparency

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