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The enemy of isopropyl alcohol


SUBSTIFIX-AF is a dampening additive designed for printing without alcohol on presses with continuous-feed dampening units. It can also be employed when printing on low alcohol dosage.

This fountain solution concentrate can be used for absorbent and conditionally for poor absorbent substrates. Its formula provides excellent plate protection and outstanding ink/water-balance characteristics when working with 0-5% of IPA content in the fountain solution.

Your Benefits

With SUBSTIFIX-AF you are looking at a highly favoured product among the dampening additives for eliminating VOC in the press room. Users are convinced by its performance and surprised how easy it is to get rid of IPA.

Special Properties

  • Addition: 4%
  • Supports alcohol-free printing
  • Serves for fast startups by quick run-off
  • Provides a stable ink/water-balance
  • Prevents roller stripping
  • Stabilises the pH-value between 5.0 and 5.3
  • Protects plates during idle periods
  • Meets the requirements concerning corrosion protection

Product Profile

IPA-free printing:

IPA-reduced printing:

Poor absorbent substrates:

Non-absorbent substrates:

General Information

Our fountain solution concentrates are all available in several versions, referring to the water employed for making the mixture. A thorough water analysis is performed in advance to recommendation. Please contact our sales or service personnel for more information.

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