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Heatset Blankets

For web offset heatset applications


This web offset blanket with outstanding durability has excellent release properties and longlasting dimension stability.

The surface roughness is perfectly balanced for low piling and great print quality. It is suitable for inks from low to high tack values.

Your Benefits

We did the research for finding the best blankets in combination with our inks. Instead of choosing from hundreds of different blankets on the market, just order a choice of the best blankets along with the ink.

Product Data Sheets

Hubervision UVC

Additional Information

Please refer to the technical data sheet for the details.

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REDUFIX-AF is designed for printing without alcohol on web offset presses with continuous-feed dampening units.

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These !NKREDIBLE technology heatset inks are meeting all demands regarding high-speed printing presses, premium quality jobs and ambitious production conditions.

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SYSTEM CLEANER is a detergent for cleaning dampening circuits from residues of lint, printing ink and microbial contamination.